Artista em residência – Hiroshi Ito

Hiroshi_Ito Hiroshi Ito, artista japonês com uma vasta obra produzida nos últimos trinta anos, está em residência no CAAA durante o mês de Setembro, a criar e produzir  a sua exposição que decorrerá em Outubro. Hiroshi. Ao longo desta residência o artista apresenta ao público o trabalho em curso, em formato de Open Studio.

“Although my works appear to be dependent on their material (soil), they rely more on nature or elements of chance that are free from properties inherent to that material. The unique aspect of my works is that they only become complete works of art when they are supported by viewers’ minds that are obedient to the appearances of objects, and only after the works have been incorporated into the surrounding scenery and natural phenomena. 
My works are in a new phase that is beyond the egoistic expressions created by human beings. My works are deeply rooted in my view of nature. 

・・・・・・・・・ Some Thoughts on Our View of Nature ・・・・・・・・・・・
We tend to erroneously believe that nature and human beings are mutually exclusive in our modern society. Moreover, we assume mistakenly that our problems can be resolved by ruling nature. Modern society justifies itself by keeping a distance from nature. As a result, it imprisons human beings within an illusion of superiority. 
We, however, gradually become aware of our arrogance. Nature is not competitive. It values freedom, and adores the notion of coexistence.  One’s view of nature is fluid. It is one’s way of living; in other words, it is how one relates to nature.”

CV de Hiroshi Ito

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