The Garbage World, by Elisabeth Gschiel / 1-30 june

PostOpening June 1st, 4pm

A couple of weeks from her residence at CAAA, Elisabeth asked us for a sewing machine to work with. When she arrived, was fascinated by the Brother DB2-B714-3 we had for her and by all the sewing material she was able to find at the haberdasheries in Guimarães.
Elisabeth Gschiel shows in this exhibition the work produced during her Artistic Residence at CAAA, where she has been since April.

The artist works mainly with used plastic materials, such as packaging material or transparent plastic foils. For the exhibition at CAAA she has collected all the used plastic water bottles and generated a map of the world. The water on the map is made of pressed, sewn plastic bottles. Further projects are old portrait photos of unkown people, they were given away, found at a flea market in Porto. On the photos were sewed wings on a plastic foils applied. Plastic bags with contents were processed and Azulejos were made of sewing pins.


Who is Elisabeth?

Elisabeth Gschiel – lives and works in Graz, Austria.

Educated in graphic design and architecture. She holds a Master degree in architecture from the Technical University of Graz. Worked at Szyszkowitz-Kowalski Architects and at LOVE architecture and urbanism.

Since 2011 she is working on sewn plastic landscapes and plastic installations. She is a member of a group of artists “Schaumbad- Freies Atelierhaus Graz”. She has participated on several exhibitions in Austria and abroad.

She was the winner of the Artist in Residence Scholarship April-May 2013 supported by the Cultural Department of Styria, Austria.







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