Proxim(a)idade, Tales Frey / June 20th 2013, 8 pm

Proxim(a)idade2On the date of my next age celebration, I use my body as a symbolic field to convert signs that mark the rite of passage of my birthday on ads proximity to my death. From the celebrated new year of life, I note the announcement of my death. The temporary youth and beauty give way to senility constructed of elements that are present in the glad birthday parties and also in events like funeral wakes. The performance explains the celebration of a skeptical youth, obsessed with consumption of what is elusive, but full of enthusiasm, flanked of the old age, wedded with the metaphysical faith for fear of a cruel outcome in a vacuum. The contradiction emphasizes two movements coming from the same date, when we celebrate one more year of life and regret the time it leads to death.

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