Regina – The Ritual Wedding /feb 20th, 22nd and 23rd

ReginaPost“Regina – The Wedding Ritual” is the result of the artistic reunion of Regina Fiz and Miguel Moreira. The body and its icons – this is the core question of “Regina – The Ritual Wedding”, a work which embarks upon the territory of a deeply-rooted ritual and which offers the audience a new experience, appealing to the forbidden and the closeness amongst intimates. “Regina” is also another type of discourse: queer transformation and thought associated to an idea of a free society. It is the space of the body and the free space in unison, a piece which is the result of a process, the result of someone’s life experience (that of Regina Fiz) and the struggle against social and political norms which cause segregation.

february 20th – 10pm february 22nd and 23rd – 12am

This performance is part of GUIDANCE International Festival of Dance +info

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