De Natureza (A)Diversa, Analice Campos

Pintura#28, 2016, óleo, carvão e tinta sintética sobre tela, 46 x 55 cm

Opening February 25, 4pm / Until April 22

“The project (A)Diverse Nature addresses the place of the landscape, one of the oldest genres in the history of painting. It does so in the context of contemporary artistic production, namely as regards painting and drawing. Appealing to the history of painting through landscape does not mean the reactivation of a genre nor does it mirror a reviving stance. It is simply the starting point of a strategy that aims to explore the possibilities of the creation of images that are simulacrums of traditional landscape painting. Thus emerge paintings/drawings that are fragmented and lack internal continuity, and whose referential is memory. They result from a clear awareness of the potential of the actions/gestures produced in the creative process that lead to the construction/deconstruction of the image of the landscape.”

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