Ciclo Biblioteca | My Pages Your Pages, by Priscilla Davanzo

IMG_8071Opening and Performance February 28, 4pm / until March 25

My Pages Your Pages


imagine a library as a body, as a person. it have it’s own personality and it’s manners; it’s lovely and detestable things. sometimes is needed to be with it, sometimes, not. sometimes even one misses it. it’s lonely introspection is a mystery. always. and this mystery challenges that the unravel. the artist proposes to conquer, find, know and approximate to this body, to this being that – even if it’s not biologically alive – pulses life in every corner. a mix between fieldwork and social contact is used to generate the methodology of the approach. this methodology have been used by the artist in the past years to reach cities, rivers, populations, buildings and public area. now the yehuda safran library is her goal. the library, resident at caaa  centro para estudos da arte e da arquitectura in guimarães, portugal, is a particular collection of the philosopher and professor yehuda safran, enthusiast of architecture, literature, history and arts in general. the collection is a particular focus that shows the ideologies and experimentations that went through yehuda safran’s life.


the installation consists of a set of artistic works that together create a unique work, but which can be presented separately, if necessary, if they take life of their own. the installation presents itself as an album of photographs of joint memories between the artist and the collection of the library, passing in some moments particularities of the honored, yehuda safran, that at no time the artist came to meet or communicate, although he’s still alive. each sector has a particular focus, yet they all permeate the concept of affinity between the artist’s personal life and the supposed life of yehuda safran, deduced from the artist’s observation and decoupage of the library. in this pattern of affinities, the artist starts with books she has in her own library – somehow “lost” beyond the sea – and which are also present in the yehuda safran collection.

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