LAND PROJECT, Daniel Pinheiro and Lisa Parra

postWhile in Residency at CAAA (Guimarães, Portugal), Lisa and Daniel inhabit the Blackbox – a space already known to be free of prior indexation and for both an unusual, unsettling and unknown space to ‘be’ together. The shimmering light of the screen disappears…
What is this strange place? Where do we come from and where are we going?
The questions seem to resonate from the very beginning and echo throughout the month of October where both artists leave the familiar context of a mediated relationship and decide to venture themselves into being present in the same space and time.

A week before their final showing of the process developed in Guimarães the space bounces between intimacy and detachment. With a low tech setup the architecture of the digital space is translated several times into various anagrams, objects, forms and ways of bringing together their own practice and intersecting it with the surrounding inputs.

The result of LAND PROJECT’s residency will be shown the 31st of October – Saturday.
Blackbox, Centro para os Estudos da Arte e da Arquitectura.

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