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A post-apocalyptic press conference by Riku Nuutti Koistinen [aka Rogério Nuno Costa]

TERCEIRA VIA™ [Third Way™] is the first public event to appear under the purview of the macro-project University/Yliopisto [Year One], a performative-educational project happening between Portugal and Finland. Following the group performances (Artistic) Residency and Realpolitik, this new piece is a conference-based event starred by Rogério Nuno Costa himself, and it addresses the major theme of neutrality when applied to the art’s practice and thought: “Finlandization being the art of bowing to the East without mooning the West”, the Finnish political cartoonist Kari Suomalainen would say. Following two investigation residency programs (the first in Porto/Portugal, the second in Helsinki/Finland), TERCEIRA VIA™ was featured in a collective exhibition at Solar Galeria de Arte Cinemática, co-produced by Circular Performing Arts Festival in Vila do Conde (Portugal), and later on at Palco Jurássico/Clube Ferroviário, at Galeria ZDB (commissioned by Rabbit Hole), both in Lisbon. More recently, the performance has been shown in Coimbra (Festival END, TAGV/Colectivo 84) and Porto (Mala Voadora). Throughout the year 2015, the whole set of performances will be presented in various formats in Bucharest (ZonaD Dance Labs/Gabriela Tudor Foundation), in Lisbon (DNA Lisboa), in Braga (GNRation) and in Helsinki (venue to be announced), preceding the launching of the Year One of University/Yliopisto (October 2015) with the publication of the non-art magazine “Realpolitik”. TERCEIRA VIA™ aims to establish a macro-party that is trans-universal, post-dogmatic and Finlandised, with epicentre in the Baltic and more significant quakes in the Peripheral €urope, providing aesth(ethic) asylum to future sympathisers. In order to attend the conferences, you are requested to present a PIIGS type identification element and read attentively the hygiene regulations (ISO 1+1=3) at the following link:

Concept, Text, Performance: Rogério Nuno Costa | Webstreaming: Daniel Pinheiro | Collaboration: Cátia Pinheiro | Photography/Artwork: António MV | Special Participation: Kirsi Poutanen & Ágata Pinho | Artist-in-Residence Support: Núcleo de Experimentação Coreográfica + Mala Voadora (Porto), HIAP + Galleria Nunes (Helsinki), EIRA (Lisbon) | Co-production: Circular Associação Cultural, Curtas Metragens CRL, Solar Galeria de Arte Cinemática, with financial support from Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian | Tour: Clube Ferroviário (Lisbon), Galeria ZDB (Lisbon), Teatro Académico Gil Vicente (Coimbra), Mala Voadora (Porto), CAAA (Guimarães), ZonaD (Bucharest), DNA Lisboa (Lisbon), GNRation (Braga).

[Performance spoken in Portuguese, English, Finnish and Novilingua]

More info:

Rogério Nuno Costa is a Portuguese performance artist based in Lisbon and Porto. His work deals with the major concept of documentation when applied to ephemeral performative actions. His performances, videos, conferences, show cases, installations and texts explore the fields of theatre, movement, visual arts, literature, philosophy and anthropology, interconnecting public and private contexts, autobiographical discourses and informational/communicational strategies: social networking, advertising, conceptual propaganda, guerrilla art, etc. He’s also a researcher, an art’s teacher, a curator, a documentary maker, a writer and a “conceptual” chef. Major in Communication and Journalism, has studied Contemporary Art History and Contemporary Culture and New Technologies. Frequently collaborates with several performance and visual artists in Portugal and abroad. His work has already been shown in France, England, Scotland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Serbia, Finland, Romania and the United States, with the support of some of the most prestigious art festivals and cultural institutions. Usually writes for cultural publications and is invited to participate in conferences and talks, mainly about documentation practices. Has been teaching, lecturing and directing workshops and master classes in academic institutions such as Escola Superior de Artes e Design (Caldas da Rainha, Portugal), Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (Lisbon, Portugal), Faculdade de Belas Artes (Lisbon, Portugal), Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (Arnhem, The Netherlands) and Faculdade de Letras (Coimbra, Portugal). Currently, he is teaching the Major in Theatre at Universidade do Minho, in Guimarães (Portugal), and is one of the advisors for the ongoing Major and Doctoral projects at Transart Institute (Berlin & New York). He’s the author of the infamous art manifesto “Dogma 2005” and the catalogues “Documentation Project” (about his performance trilogy “Vou A Tua Casa”) and “Big Curator Is Watching You!” (about his curatorial program “The Spectator’ s Opportunity”). Apart from his own performance work, he is usually invited to write and direct theatre and dance performances for other artists and companies, also working as a dramaturgist and consultant for many cultural projects. Recently, he has been working in the field of Culinary Arts under the alias Chef Rø, developing a project called “Vou À Tua Mesa” (I go to your table), mixing Gastronomy with Art, Science, Technology and Philosophy, within the frame of foodjaying and underground dining events as well as conceptual radio and TV shows. Food writer in the Portuguese magazines Viral Agenda and Intermagazine, the creativity platform Porto Fashion Makers and the fashion blog TRASHÉDIA. He is the Portuguese ambassador of the international food event Restaurant Day. He is now working in the catalogue for the dance festival MAP/P 2012/2015 (produced by Produtora de Risco), to be published in Spring 2015. He is also the documentation consultant at the dance companies Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte and Cia. Kale/Armazém 23. Prepares for 2015 the publishing of a non-art magazine called “Realpolitik”, the launching of the Year One of a pedagogical project called “University/Yliopisto“, and the rave party/concert/performance “€TRASH”.

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