Amor Marginal

postOpening May 16th, 4pm

The margin is the privilege place that the centre can not occupy.

The general distinction between male and female gender goes beyond the biological nature; it includes behaviours, the clothes you are supposed to wear, how much you earn, besides many other things. But how do we see a person that decides to dress and behave like someone that we usually identify from belonging to the opposite sex? How do we classify this outlier?  Should we consider it to be a “hybrid” being or should we expand the gender´s list? Does society in some way controls, stigmatizes, and strictly defines this gender division?

If we travel back in time, to the year of 1975, the first movie directed by Serge Gainsbourg,  Je t´aime moi non plus,  translated to Portuguese, Amor Marginal, was a history about the impossibility of loving due to existing dogmas. The works from both artists Ana Santos and Paulo Aureliano da Mata do fit in this marginality since they reject this gender distinction dictated by society, and also because they share experiences and traumas that are far away from acceptable moral conventions.

Curators: Ângela Susana e Ana D´Almeida


Ana Santos (Lousado – Portugal, 1992)

Attending the MA in Contemporary Artistic Practices at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Porto, in Portugal. Degree in Design and Multimedia Communication by Escola Superior Artística do Porto.

Collective Exhibitions

Multiplicidades V
Exhibition dedicated to graphic art with a selection of works from the students of the sten – cil group
Solo Exhibition – The Acceptance and Share
Fundação Serralves (Serralves em Festa 2014)
.3ºSalão de Outono da América Latina
Galeria Marta Traba São Paulo, Brasil (2015)

PAULO AURELIANO DA MATA (Inhumas – GO, Brazil. 1987) is a performer, a performance art historian, and a founder member of the eMagazine Performatus and of the Excessos Company. Actually, he is studying his MA in Contemporary Artistic Practices at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Porto, in Portugal. He attended his BA in Art History at the Faculty of Letters at the University of Porto.

He participated in collective exhibitions such as: XVIII Bienal Internacional de Arte de Cerveira: “Olhar o passado para construir o futuro” (Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal); Vitrine de Projetos: Ensaios sobre a Fronteira (Latin America Memorial, Sao Paulo, Brazil); Orexia (Barracão Maravilha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil); Corpo (i)materializado (Mostra Performatus #1, Central Galeria de Arte, Sao Paulo, Brazil); and others.

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