Subtopia /4 – 26 august

Subtopia, Paulo Catrica

Opening august 4th 6pm

Assuming a descriptive mood, these photographs endorse landscape as a cultural construction. They look into urbanism and architecture as ideological epitomes, seen through the organization of public spaces.

As visual fragments of a non-existent whole, they intent to create an imaginary new town by assembling photographs from five different towns, chosen according to the different historical and political phases of the New Towns programme, Stevenage (1946), Harlow (1947), Cumbernauld (1955) Runcorn (1964) and Milton Keynes (1967).

Performing a dual subjective mode, as documents and as artistic representations, the photographs look at and trace distinctive elements of the landscape design and architecture, aiming to create an allegory of the UK New Towns.

Paulo Catrica

free entrance

gallery #1, #2

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