SKYLIGHT /4 – 26 august

Skylight, Jorge Santos

Opening august 4th 6pm

Jorge Santos is one of those artists who deal with the immaterial. One of those artists concerned with, more than with things themselves, the relationships between people and things, natural phenomena and the processes of perception. He has that exploratory drive shared by poets and scientists alike. Under the influence of this inquisitive toil, he builds up spaces that are small visual poems, for us to enjoy their formal beauty for what it is; and yet, while enjoying it, we discover, wide open just deep in the palate, this intense presence of flavour where a multitude of shades is revealed. A multiplicity of chains of thoughts that collide to the retina; because we “see” them, we re-live them, as if the electric impulse set by our optic system to our nervous system could be sent back by our brain, in some sort of inversion of the perception process.

Ana Lamata

+info: Jorge Santos

free entrance

gallery #3

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