October at CAAA

October 5th, 2.30 pm – Exhibition openings:
Galleries 1 e 2: Hiroshi Ito “Untitled in Guimarães 2013”
Gallery 3: Chihiro Ito “On The Stone Road”
Gallery 4: Kaori Ito “Untiled”
Black Box: Kaori ito “The Past is Now”
[ exhibitions until October 29th. Open everyday, 2.30 p.m. – 7 p.m.]

On the opening day | 5 pm @ the galleries
A short concert by Pedro Couto Soares (flute)
Works: “Fragments” by Makoto Shinohara e “Le Chanteur du Val- Serezina” by Cândido Lima

October 5th, 2.30-7pm
Guimarães Noc Noc at CAAA

October 12th | 5pm | Black Box
Art Conversations: Hiroshi Ito and Chihiro Ito

October 12th | 6pm | Black Box
Concert: ZENergia – Expressoriente Duo

October 18th | 11pm | Black Box
Concert: Electric Eye + Evols

October 26th and 27th | 5pm | Black Box
Japanese Cinema
October 26th | 5pm | Lecture by Miguel Patrício: “What happened in the 6o’s?” (with film projections)
October 27th | 5pm | “Kwaidan” by Masaki Kobayashi.
Partnership with Cineclube de Guimarães and Velha-a-Branca


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