Of the indelible symptom, by Ludgero Almeida

postOpening April, 6th, 19h / until May 26th

Curator: Pat Lemos

Ludgero Almeida brings to the exhibition a series of paintings produced between 2015 and 2018 in Brazilian and Portuguese territory. The works have been born from an investigation that assembles and disassembles the historical statements from photographic memories and obliterated elements of both countries, focusing particularly on archives of the dictatorships and of colonisation.

It is through painting that the set/group/assemble of memories in which the artist focuses on comes back as symptoms, as archeological elements. It is not, however, about intact and crystallised images, but it is about images profusely crossed by interpretations, views and frictions – productive and subjective ones -, that not only relativise the factuality, but also attributes them with a new meaning.

“Of the indelible symptom” recaptures the place of a subaltern narrativity, of a past that stubbornly marginalise itself on speeches, on practicalities and too often on History. By using tools that reshape, erase, limit, these paintings could somehow censor the images, but inversely are attributing them a visibility, a new call/boast.

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