Finissage of “The museum of boughs: 4 rooms” + Performance “Breathing underwater”

Breathing-underwater_press(post)Exhibition + Performance

until Jul 23 2016 + friday 22 Jul 9:30pm

‘The museum of boughs’ is an ongoing, itinerant museum dedicated to boughs, composed of intermedia installations that allude to ‘In a Station of the Metro’ by Ezra Pound and the ‘Musée d’Art Moderne, Département des Aigles ‘ by Marcel Broodthaers, among other references.

The exhibition finishes with the performance “Breathing underwater” by bruno neiva to be held at 9:30pm with the reading of modified citations by authors as Benjamin, Bataille, Wittgenstein, Zumthor, Foucault, Drucker, Habraken and Derrida about the theme “Breathing under the water”.

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