Compositions, by Laura San Segundo

postOpening February 20th / until April 9th

This exhibition is photographic installation by Laura San Segundo, a photographer from Madrid, awarded several times for her unique work.

The exhibition project is a photographic installation divided in two different bodies of work.

The first one, which would be exhibited in the gallery #1, is formed by the series Paralelo (2013) and the open project Short Series (2014). Even though they are two completely separated works, they both share a similar process in the way they´ve been structured and sequenced: by the interrelation of different images in terms of visual similarities or a more conceptual dialogue, focusing on how the reading of a single image can be completely changed or redirected by being placed in relation to another.

The second body of work would be exhibited in the gallery #2 and is formed by the series A Study (2014), Photographs with vegetables (2014) and Giorgio Morandi (2013). With a more highbrow approach than mere “food photography”, these are still life projects with clear references to the history of painting. Using common objects and food, they attempt to narrate our time while making a comparison with the same kind of representations in the past.

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