LAND PROJECT: Placelessness , Daniel Pinheiro and Lisa Parra


Saturday October 31st, 4pm

What are we in this strange place?
Where do we come from and where are going?

During this residency these were the questions that arised from sharing a same space… De-constructing the format which we are used to work with and finding ways to translate it while inhabiting the same physical space.
LAND PROJECT at CAAA is a construction, a figurative place divided in two where the screen no longer limits the action but, rather, is the only element left from a relationship built of different encounters exploring ways to move and be together while in distant remote locations.
1.The strangeness is put into play by inviting to other bodies into the space, establishing a mediated communication between them.
2. My body and your body. Where are you when your not looking or speaking to me?

The result of this residency brings LAND PROJECT to a moment of investigation of where technologies have detached the body and senses from a practical and present way of thinking.

LAND PROJECT is an ongoing collaboration between Lisa Parra ( and Daniel Pinheiro (

The residency is supported by CAAA – Centre for Art and Architecture Affairs (Guimarães, Portugal) through the funding of DGArtes and the Secretary of State of Culture.

Daniel Pinheiro was supported by the THE LUSO-AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION to participate in the 4th Choreographic Coding Labs (New York, August, 2015)

Admission: 2€

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