Good Childhood – Guidebook – 13 Lessons of Sanity, by Miguel Ambrizzi


Opening March 21st | Until April 26th

“Good Childhood – Guidebook – 13 Lessons of Sanity” is a serie of drawings that reconstruct episodic memories from the artist’s childhood. These line drawings are presented as an instruction book, a manual that plays with the ambiguity between right and wrong, which adults teach actions of misconduct as lessons for a healthy childhood. There is a strangeness in this play involving the ethical and unethical, a provocation on the veracity of the represented facts, if they were performed or not. These protocol drawings present themselves as substitutes of the actions, that is, both the artist and the person who sees these instructions experience the action through the drawing. Thus, it assumes a performative function and is experienced as place and application of a virtual performance.

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