ÁguaAr, by Suzana Queiroga

postOpening June 20, 4pm / Until August 9

Curators: Paulo Aureliano da Mata and Tales Frey

From the geographical boundaries that incorporate the presence of water and air, Suzana Queiroga is faced with both elements from the observation of different mappings, witnessed through the flights/performances in her balloon Velofluxo or through other ways to find the flow, the time and the continuity present in landscape as something in constant motion.

Above, we see complex overlapping layers that interconnect with each other. We see water systems such as rivers, their tributaries, the oceans and seas, some currents and tides, systems and wind maps, flight maps, air currents, clouds and even the graphic codes of cities and landscapes in general. Likewise, we can contemplate the relationship of cartography with own body with the blood system and other circulatory systems, as well as with our bodies in certain localities, living and flowing in different landscapes.

With the exhibition ÁguaAr of the artist Suzana Queiroga, the landscape renounces only its placement as a geographical concept to become a complex and inexhaustible allegory of human existence, relating the memory and the materialization of the memory in variables artistic supports that refer to lived and imagined environments.

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