The Love of the Unfortunate

Pre-opening for general public: 28 and 30 November, 22h

This is the story of a dwarf woman living in the shadow of the pity of a small provincial town’s inhabitants. The dwarf, only about eighty centimeters tall, with a gangly and clumsy walk, always moaning with pain, was for other women but a creeping being, like a child who never grows up. She wasn’t a person really, they said. Her existence was limited, in the eyes of others, to her deformity, her monstrosity, the insurmountability of that body. She lived on the remains of big people, on their possible love. The love of the unfortunate.

Public performance of a monologue by actress Margarida Gonçalves, created and adapted from the second chapter of the novel The son of a thousand men [O Filho de Mil Homens], by Valter Hugo Mãe.
Margarida Gonçalves, a regular presence in the productions of the company Teatro Bruto, impersonates the character of a dwarf, exploring territories between this character and the narrator, becoming a spectator of herself and of the events she narrates, being simultaneously the vehicle of broader and more complex meanings that the text proposes.


opening and carrer

Mala Voadora

Rua do Almada, 277, Porto

10 to 14 december 22h

Sunday 17h and 22h

school groups in arranged schedules:

27 and 28 novemnber, Guimarães

11, 12 and 14 december, Porto

These sessions are subject to previous scheduling.


texts adapted from Valter Hugo Mãe .

staging, set design and costumes Ana Luena .

cast Margarida Gonçalves .

original music Peixe .

stage lighting Rui Monteiro .

executive producer Luís Puto, Marta Amaro

production Teatro Bruto

partners CAAA, Mala Voadora

support Circolando

duration aprox. 45 min.


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