REVERSO, Performance by Tales Frey (Cia.Excessos)

Reverso(post)Part of the programme  “Trees Outside the Academy”

20th June at 8pm

Performance by Tales Frey (Cia.Excessos)

On June 20, 2013, I presented my first work of the series of performances that made a commitment to convert the rite of passage of my birthdays in artistic procedures that allude to what we know as memento mori.

“Reverse”, the second creation from this series, is a kind of regression to my origin; it is the reverse of the chronological sense as an alternative to refuse the inevitable death of my story. In this performance, with the help of my mother, I trigger a recall of all my birthdays through a game that takes the concept of “mirror stage” by Lacan imbued a narcissistic elucidation, until reach the 8pm of the day June 20, 1982 – In this date I blocked the first birthday party of my sister to be born, When I leaved the comfort of the womb.

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