DARR TAH LEI: Glacial Burns


Opening May 3rd /Until June 8th

The exhibition Glacial Burns gathers pieces of three ongoing projects that observe the relationship between certain apparently contradictory aspects of geology which, in their interdependency, operate in the volumetric creation of the Earth, revealing occult characteristics that are opposed and yet similar in their morphology and texture.
The pieces exhibited, sculpture, photography and video, propose through intense audiovisual contemplation, several observation perspectives of geological phenomena such as the coexistence between two elements, water (ice) and fire, in the recreation of a post-dual perception of reality, the galvanizing exhilaration of sub-glacial eruptions in the formation of volume in the terrain and an apparent demonstration of the affinity and analogy between a recently formed landscape and a post-apocalyptic one.
Darr Tah Lei intensifies the observation of the telluric with the aim of revealing the expressivity of the Earth in its organic manifestations in a constant state of transformation.

Darr Tah Lei is a telluric artist who, based on a research on geology, seeks to aesthetically fundament the super string theory, post-duality theories and trans-humanism. Due to the uncertainty of these zones of observation she frequently falls into a certain abyss of abstraction, which drives her to establish a formal logic between chaos and order and to work with concrete and raw materials. She re-appropriates and transforms the sculptural character of raw and semi-raw natural resources, dislocating their rawness and geologic brutality to the exhibitive art spaces through installations, moving image and photography, sculpture and sound art.
She works mainly in Iceland, place with a bursting geologic potential that contributes to her research and boosts her volumetric production.
Darr Tah Lei has exhibited in Iceland, Germany, and Portugal and her films have been screened in prestigious festivals such as Festival International du Court Métrage, Clermont-Ferrand in France, In-Sonora in Madrid and FILE, Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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