Zero Kelvin, by Hans Petter Molland

November 23rd, 5 pm.
Fernando José Pereira presents Hans Petter Molland’s film Zero Kelvin (1995).
Partnership with Cineclube de Guimarães.

Zero Kelvin
Hans Petter Molland, 1995
Norway, Sweden
113 min.
English Subtitles.

Gard Eisvold is a restless, poor young writer living in Oslo who decides to get a little more worldly by joining an Arctic fur-trapping expedition. Leaving behind his girlfriend, Eisvold travels to Greenland, where he’s confronted with the dual harshness of the elements and his profane station-captain, played with brilliant malevolence by the great Stellan Skårsgard. The captain doesn’t take kindly to having a violin-playing, poetry-writing college boy around the cabin, and he begins to torture Eisvold in a cunning if none too subtle fashion. Soon, of course, they’re at each other’s throats despite each needing the other’s help to survive the wilderness.


Trailer here

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