CONTRA-CAMPOS by Tiago Afonso e Jorge Quintela /12 dec 9:30pm

CONTRA-CAMPOS and the challenges of a film directing partnership

The underlying motto of the “Improvisations/Collaborations” series underpins this endeavour. Two filmmakers combine their directing skills, undertaking to discover and accompany moments of experimentation and construction of this series, without recourse to pre-formatted recording devices.

CONTRA-CAMPOS is neither exhaustive, nor lies outside the adventure of the artists who have been filmed. It doesn’t only aim to profile modes of fraternity and freedom, that derive from an open attitude towards co-creation. It also fosters reflection, through seeking dialoguing points of view – via counterpoints – in relation to a relatively under-analysed “genre” within the history of the moving image: the recording of the process of artistic research and its presentation in the form of spectacular objects.

The filmmakers try to assume the improbable and utopian place of (highly) participative spectators. They thus trace an experience which also transformed them. However, unlike purely performance-based works, a film is an edited object and as such, attempts to embrace and encompass a questioning attitude, the internal questioning of oneself via oneself…

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