Informal conversation with Rui Horta and Rolf Hind / Danza Preparata

April 13, 7pm / Free entrance

In the scope of his most recent work “Danza Preparata”, Rui Horta stated: Cage is essential to the history of dance, not only because of his lengthy collaboration with Merce Cunningham, but above all because of the importance of his theoretical reflections and their repercussions for the history of contemporary choreography. This is the motto for an informal talk with the portuguese choreographer and the english pianist Rolf Hind about the importance of John Cage in the domains of dance and music.

“Danza Preparata”, a creation by Rui Horta, will be presented on thr 14th of April in CCVF, on the scope of Guimarães 2012, European Capital of Culture, and has the participation of dancer Silvia Bertoncelli and pianist Rolh Hind, that will play live “Sonates & Interludes” by John Cage.

Photo © João Messias

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