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Jaye Rhee: Overlapping and Unfolding

postCAAA is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Jaye Rhee, Overlapping and Unfolding.

Using video, sound, installation and photography, Rhee investigates the evasive nature of authentic desire by focusing on irreconcilable tension.

When the camera “captures” a space, it removes the third dimension of that space. The viewer can partially restore that lost space by believing in the 2D image that the camera constructs. But that is work done on the level of imagination and perception – the “original” space can never be regained. Loss and gain counterbalance each other and in so doing create a new visual space. Rhee’s work dances on this edge of 2D and 3D, inquiring after the interplay of perception, imagination, desire and belief.

As in many of her works, at the heart of her recent project The Flesh and the Book lies an irresolvable conflict; here it exists between physical dance and musical notes. The dancers perform within a “musical staff” made of five thick rubber bands that are suspended at different heights yet are equidistant from each other. A visual loss occurs when the two-dimensional music notes transition into the three-dimensional dance, and vice versa. As more notes are gained, more dancers are lost; the two must maintain a balanced yet opposed existence.

Yehuda E. Safran wrote of that work: “We follow with our eyes the movements and contours of things, this magical relation, this pact between them and us according to which we lend them our body in order that they inscribe upon it and give us their resemblance, this fold, this central cavity of the visible which is my vision, these two mirror arrangements of the seeing and the visible, the touching and the touched, form a closed bound system. We count on this system, which defines our vision and offers a constant style of visibility from which we cannot detach ourselves.”

Priscilla Davanzo: Places of the Writing

postOpening September 6th, 4pm
Exhibition LUGARES DA ESCRITA, by Priscilla Davanzo – Curated by Paulo Aureliano da Mata and Tales Frey.

Sometimes as the empty sheet/canvas, sometimes as a template that generates a standalone object, the places of the writing of Priscilla Davanzo, artist from Sao Paulo, mix body art, performance, video-art, video-performance, engraving, installation, urban intervention and some other artistic expressions.

The pen’s ink can literally be slipped over the emptiness in a blank paper sheet, under the premise of firming certain concepts that outline the new forms of writing that will come from this first act of pondering ideas. Beyond the traditional writing, Davanzo stresses in various media, another order of calligraphy, another alphabet, a distinct language which, in principle, was a concrete noun, an action verb or any other morphological denomination in China ink or graffiti.

Her writing is visceral and steady, in some cases, through bodily fluids, and in others, by suture pierced directly through skin or via adornment such as branding and scarification. The semantics of her text – that goes beyond the logos in a figural narrative – when writing over or based on her body (or the body of another) is absorbed all the time by any observer; the body is the media, the body is the art-object and is therefore the place where the work expresses itself, where is the place of writing.

6/9,  17h – performance “a efemeridade da existência e a permanência da moeda”

13/9,  17h – performance-processo. Conversa interactiva sobre o processo desenvolvido na residência.

20/9, 17h – performance “under water”

About the Performance: the relation between the body of the artist, created in a big city like são paulo (brasil), and a river in guimarães can be much bigger that one can imagine.

the artist will leave towards the river de couros with a notebook and containers. the river de couros crosses the downtown, now almost covered, but let to us the glory of finding it from time to time there, open, exposed. sounding it’s movement between falls and blocks. the sound of falling water. constant, rhythmic, wheezing. experience that the artist hasn’t in her life. the rivers in her city, when they are not completely covered by streets and avenues, under the earth, are so contaminated that nowadays they are just sewage. but not the river de couros. it survives the human ideal of completely cover all the rivers, even if it has already suffered many of these attacks.


and more than the river, the people, the vimaranenses. and with them, courtesy, kindness, affection, love. these things so rare in the city whence comes the artist. and more than the river, the people: proposing conversations with the locals, the artist prospects stories related to the river. and more than the river, the people: during the conversations, the artist asks for some water.

with what has been collected, with the outcome of prospecting, the artist will present an action. will create an hybrid body of all persons, objects and collected water. a hybrid body made from her own body.


is still planned an exhibition (no date set yet). there will be the notes, the sound of the river, the stories, the collected water and photos / video of the action presented.