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(PT) Extensões InShadows – 2016 – 11 Março às 21:30

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(PT) Workshop de Dança Contemporânea – António Cabrita e São Castro – |acsc|

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Compositions, by Laura San Segundo

postOpening February 20th / until April 9th

This exhibition is photographic installation by Laura San Segundo, a photographer from Madrid, awarded several times for her unique work.

The exhibition project is a photographic installation divided in two different bodies of work.

The first one, which would be exhibited in the gallery #1, is formed by the series Paralelo (2013) and the open project Short Series (2014). Even though they are two completely separated works, they both share a similar process in the way they´ve been structured and sequenced: by the interrelation of different images in terms of visual similarities or a more conceptual dialogue, focusing on how the reading of a single image can be completely changed or redirected by being placed in relation to another.

The second body of work would be exhibited in the gallery #2 and is formed by the series A Study (2014), Photographs with vegetables (2014) and Giorgio Morandi (2013). With a more highbrow approach than mere “food photography”, these are still life projects with clear references to the history of painting. Using common objects and food, they attempt to narrate our time while making a comparison with the same kind of representations in the past.



Opening February 20th / until April 9th

The photographs on display were shot during a series of walks taken in the city of Guimarães in April and May 2013. Reflecting on the city´s heritage, the exhibit is evidence of the close relationships that exist between the different types of architectural typologies.

Each image was taken using traditional photographical methods and then a process of montage was applied to articulate two photographs of two different locations in the same city by using a common horizontal line. Demonstrating the interest to close the closeness between the two parts of each one of the images, the present exercise seeks to recognize the true social and heritage dimension of the city.

“Everything has importance in relation to space – the forms in and of themselves, the relationship between them, and the space which delimits them.” (Távora, 1962)

Ricardo Jacinto: cello + electronics

postJanuary 30, 6pm

Ticket: 3,5€

Using a sound amplification system attached at different points of the cello, Ricardo Jacinto explores the potential of the sound fragmentation when he combines his own gestures with the body of the instrument. In the course of his improvisations the audience is immersed in the subtly changing timbres of the cello, expressed through listening to the acoustic space and the surrounding sound mapping from a musical performance at a specific place and time.


postOpening December 12 / until February 13

Curated by: Paula Pinto

The exhibition shows dozens of Albuquerque Mendes’s drawing notebooks, produced over a period of more than twenty-five years and never exhibited before. The drawings were done as a daily record and within the private space of the artist. These are notebooks that accompanied the artist through different geographies and relate with his social and cultural experiences, keeping notice of ephemeral thoughts, of daily newspapers and poetry readings, of advertising graphics and loose words. As drawings, these records are both a space for special events and annotations of the surrounding world. They belong to the creative and the unconscious domain. Their sequence is almost never coherent: like in everyday life, the references crossed and witnessed by the drawings are uneven, even if constituted as routine.

Albuquerque Mendes brings to the visual field the fantasies of the real life and confronts the sensitive with the intelligible domains: in the notebooks we can find many characters, the androgynous figures that inhabit his paintings, the erotic scenes in which they entangle themselves and the little annotations that, taken out of context, become absurd and bring us back to the common life. Inhabiting in a thin border between glamour and decadence, the notebooks work simultaneously as daily memory and forgetting mechanism, where time accumulates the traces of its irreversible course. As soon as the notebooks become filled, they are stored away in studio drawers.

The difficulty of a public handling of these notebooks in a gallery space and their private nature requires a closed display. Nonetheless, some were photographically reproduced and assembled in a slideshow, so the drawings and their sequences can be visualized in a fleeting way. The aim of this exhibition is to bring the spectator closer to the drawing, revealing the existence of an undisclosed world. This exhibition is a demonstration of artistic practices that are not made for the museum, but across geographies and historical times, ordinary and erudite references, existence and restlessness, fortune and fate. Challenging the limits of error, Albuquerque Mendes will use the gallery walls to enact a drawing-performance: a drawing in act.


Tribute to Maria Ondina Braga
Performative concert – EXPRESSORIENTE DUO  & Escola de Bailado de Fafe (Ballet School)
December 13, 5pm



Angles and distance, time and perspectives

Opening 12 December 4pm / until February 13

Galery #3
Installation (sound/video art)

By: Alfredo Costa Monteiro (PT/ES), Artificial Memory Trace (Slavek Kwi) (CZ/UK), Darius Ciuta (LT), Elisabetta-Senesi (IT), Fernando Ribeiro (PT), Iride Project – Massimo Davi & Monica Miuccio (IT/IE), John F. Barber (US), Juan Carlos Vasquez (CO/FI), Lin Culbertson (US), Loren Chasse (US), Luigi Morleo (IT), Luís Antero (PT), Manuel Rocha Iturbide (MX), Mathieu Ruhlmann (CA), (PT), Nichola Scrutton (UK), Nuno Miranda Ribeiro (PT), Osvaldo Cibils (UY/IT), Paul Collins (CA/FR), Philip Mantione (US), sonosFera (PT), Steve Roden (US), Takamitsu Ohta (JP), Una Lee (KR/UK).