archive 2012 – Apr / May / Jun

(PT) Workshops com Rafaela Salvador / 19 e 20 junho


documenting Dom Roberto /16 june-11 july

Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture and CAAA Centre for Art and Architecture Affairs present documenting
Dom Roberto – an exhibition made by documents from Ernesto de Sousa’s Archive, contemporaneous with the production,
direction and premier of the film “Dom Roberto”: making of images, screening shots, news of the production process, posters,
memorabilia and critical reception create an information chamber and a memory around this single portuguese cinema work,
that celebrates in 2012 fifty years of its premiere.

Free entrance

Gallery #3

Houdini /1-30 june

Houdini is a travelling exhibition by Bráulio Amado. Inspired by the greatest magician that ever lived, the series alludes to abstract universes and fantasies, exploring mind tricks and the possibilities of the impossible. The pieces invoke the unexpected and draw from raging sounds, just the the Melvin’s Houdini record.
Past dates include Denton Texas, Philadelphia, Madrid, Berlin, Chicago, … — and in June, Guimarães. 12 exhibitions in 12 cities over the year of 2012.

Bráulio Amado is a portuguese kid born in ’87 who recently moved to NYC. He works as a graphic designer for Pentagram Design and is the director of Pedal, a free monthly newspaper in Portugal. He plays music and tours the world with his band Adorno.

Free entrance

1st floor corridor

(PT) Canil /25-27 Maio 22h


(PT) “A Favor da Claridade” de Teresa Villaverde /14 maio 21h30


(PT) Câmara Neuronal /11, 12, 13 maio 22h


(PT) Cinema de Animação Experimental /15, 16, 17 maio 21h30




(PT) Nuno Bragança – U OMÃI QE DAVA PULUS de João Pinto Nogueira /8 junho 21h30


(PT) “O tapete Voador” de João Mário Grilo /10 junho 21h30


(PT) “Dom Roberto” de Ernesto de Sousa /16 junho 21h30


(PT) Vídeo Gang, colectivo “Uzi Filmes” /21 junho 21h30


(PT) Festival beat.bit /28 junho – 1 julho


(PT) Metamorfoses /4, 5, 6 maio, 22h



International Exhibition of Video Art, Experimental Film and Digital Performance

The main objective of FrameArt is to become an international meeting point in the field of video art and experimental cinema, also featuring music and digital performance.
FrameArt is a transdisciplinary event, an area of reflection and diffusion of creating video, film and performance, in which several agents are actively involved.

May 4 — June 10 | CAAA + Mercado POP UP
opening May 4, 7pm

Artist in residence
Jakub Nepras /CAAA

Invited artists
Alberto Plácido /CAAA
José Carlos Teixeira /CAAA
Jorge Reis /CAAA

Selected works from Serralves Foundation, Centro de Arte Moderna Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian and Museu Coleção Berardo:
Helena Almeida /CAAA
Jemima Stehli /CAAA
Mário Garcia Torres /CAAA
Fernando Calhau /Mercado POP UP
Gerard Ritcher / Mercado POP UP
Grazia Toderi / Mercado POP UP
João Penalva / Mercado POP UP
João Tabarra / Mercado POP UP
Julião Sarmento / Mercado POP UP
Laurent Grasso / Mercado POP UP
Pedro Cabral Santo / Mercado POP UP
Reiner Ruthenbeck / Mercado POP UP
Richard Hoeck / Mercado POP UP
Yukihiro Taguchi / Mercado POP UP
Zoran Naskovski / Mercado POP UP

May 8, 9.30pm | CAAA
Video in Contemporary Art

Experimental Film
9, 14 may / 8, 10 june 21h30 | CAAA

Digital Performance
11, 12, 13 may / 9 june 21h30 | CAAA

Animation Film

15, 16, 17 may 21h30 | CAAA

Free entrance in all events except the Performance Câmara Neuronal – entrance 5€

Cinema/Guimarães CEC2012.
The POP UP Culture project is part of the cultural program of Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture. The Mercado POP UP is one of the axes of intervention of the project, and consists in occupy and create new uses for the first floor of the Municipal Market of Guimarães

CAAA Center for Art and Architecture Affairs
Rua Padre Augusto Borges de Sá, 4810-523 Guimarães

Mercado Municipal de Guimarães
Rua do Mercado Municipal, 4835 Guimarães

During the weekend the entry to Mercado is made on the level -1
Everyday 2.30pm / 7pm

For more information:

(PT) Open Studio /26 de abril, 17h


(PT) Vida no Campo, de Álvaro Domingues /14 abril, 16h


Informal conversation with Rui Horta and Rolf Hind / Danza Preparata

April 13, 7pm / Free entrance

In the scope of his most recent work “Danza Preparata”, Rui Horta stated: Cage is essential to the history of dance, not only because of his lengthy collaboration with Merce Cunningham, but above all because of the importance of his theoretical reflections and their repercussions for the history of contemporary choreography. This is the motto for an informal talk with the portuguese choreographer and the english pianist Rolf Hind about the importance of John Cage in the domains of dance and music.

“Danza Preparata”, a creation by Rui Horta, will be presented on thr 14th of April in CCVF, on the scope of Guimarães 2012, European Capital of Culture, and has the participation of dancer Silvia Bertoncelli and pianist Rolh Hind, that will play live “Sonates & Interludes” by John Cage.

Photo © João Messias

(PT) George Harrison: Living in the Material World /6 abril 21h30

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(PT) George Harrison: Living in the Material World /7 abril 21h30

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(PT) Apresentação do CD: Nuno Pinto, clarinet & electronics /21 abril, 15h


O amor é um franco-atirador /April 4, 5, 10pm

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