archive 2013 – jan / feb / mar

Fábrica, by Daniel Blaufuks /mar 23rd – may 26th


Opening March 23rd at 4pm

Fábrica is a photographic, cinematographic installation and a book by Daniel Blaufuks.

Conversation with Daniel Blaufuks
March 22nd

The House translated into the Landscape, by Jorge Santos /mar 23rd – may 26th

postOpening march 23rd, 4pm

The body of work of Jorge Santos oscillates between the themes of architecture and landscape and explores the connections between the domesticity of the interior space and the exterior.

Things here + Empty yard, by José Pedro Cortes /feb 16th – mar 17th

PostOpening: February 16th, 4pm


“A strange form of life,
Kicking through windows
rolling on yards.”
Bonnie Prince Billy

This exhibition gathers images from two recent works by José Pedro Cortes: “Like an empty yard”, 2008 and “Things here and Things still to come”, 2011.

Vestiges of a moment entitled Female /feb 16th-24th

femalePost.36.20After the presentation at CAAA, Tânia Dinis is challenged to leave in the gallery the material used at the performance as well as the record in video of that moment. The was a willing of documenting that moment, after some lapses and losses occurred during the artistic process.

To The Wolf of Madragoa, by Pedro Bastos /mar 1st – 17th

postVideo Installation edited from the film “To the Wolf of Madragoa”, by Pedro Bastos.
The exhibition opening is tomorrow night, along with the screening of the original film in the Black Box.
Tomorrow night the music and drinks are at our bar, show up!

Regina – The Ritual Wedding /feb 20th, 22nd and 23rd

ReginaPost“Regina – The Wedding Ritual” is the result of the artistic reunion of Regina Fiz and Miguel Moreira. The body and its icons – this is the core question of “Regina – The Ritual Wedding”, a work which embarks upon the territory of a deeply-rooted ritual and which offers the audience a new experience, appealing to the forbidden and the closeness amongst intimates. “Regina” is also another type of discourse: queer transformation and thought associated to an idea of a free society. It is the space of the body and the free space in unison, a piece which is the result of a process, the result of someone’s life experience (that of Regina Fiz) and the struggle against social and political norms which cause segregation.

february 20th – 10pm february 22nd and 23rd – 12am

This performance is part of GUIDANCE International Festival of Dance +info

O FILME DA MINHA VIDA #4 Vertigo /jan 26th-mar 17th

postThe collection O FILME DA MINHA VIDA (The Film of My Life) is the result of a challenge to portuguese illustrators to produce a comic book inspired on a film that had meant something to them. This interlacement between the seventh and ninth art is directed to those who love both.
This fourth exhibition by João Fazenda, is called ÂNGULO MORTO and is based on the film Vertigo, by Alfred Hitchcock.

Female /feb 8th 10pm

Female is part of a research of a series of video/performances on Women and Provocation.

Creation: Tânia Dinis

Text: Pedro Bastos

Video: Jorge Quintela

Super 8: Tânia Dinis

Video/super 8 Cast: Sara Pereira, Diana Sá, Sofia Margarida, Teresa Alpendurada and Tânia Dinis

Artistic Collaboration: Marta Bernardes and Tales Frey

Moses und Aron /jan 29th 9:30pm

Moses und Aron, 1975 (Moses and Aaron) is a film by the filmmaking duo of Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet based on the unfinished opera of the same title by Arnold Schönberg.

Free entrance

German, English subtitles

Production and Editing: Jean-Marie Straub, Danièle Hulliet

Music: Arnold Schönberg

Runtime: 107′

This projection is part of the exhibition Adolf Loos: Our Contemporary

Einleitung zu Arnold Schoenbergs “Begleitmusik zu einer Lichtspielscene” /jan 31st 9:30pm

Einleitung zu Arnold Schönbergs “Begleitmusik zu einer Lichtspielscene” 1973 (Introduction to Arnold Schönberg’s “Accompaniment to a Cinematographic Scene”) depicts the reading of a long letter by Schönberg to Kandinsky in which he explains that, as a Jew, he cannot accept Kandinsky’s invitation to teach at the Bauhaus.

Free entrance

German, French subtitles

Production and Editing: Jean-Marie Straub, Danièle Hulliet

Music: Arnold Schönberg

Runtime: 15′

This projection is part of the exhibition Adolf Loos: Our Contemporary