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Five Openings, ursa

postOpening Dec 16, 9pm / until Jan 27
Roundtable with Yehuda Safran on Jan 8, 7pm

How can a book determine the construction of an image?
And how in turn can an image determine the construction of a book?
What if past the ‘linguistic turn’ of the 1960s and the ensuing ‘iconic turn’ of the 1980s we could now look at the overlap of texts and images as a productive stance for the interpretation of phenomena?
With these questions in mind we took CAAA’s challenge to use Yehuda Safran’s library to open five new photographic projects.
We have brought to the table our images and the library’s books, and thus set the room for a discussion on ideas.

Missa do Galo

24989695_1807022506025239_193299331_n25 Dezembro
Missa do Galo 2017




Ticket: 5€
Price for members: 4€

EGO #1

leggy albert cavaliernovember 11th, 10:3opm

Uma Espécie de Silêncio, by André Cepeda

Traveling_01 Opening november 18, 6pm / until Jan 27


Lisbon Revisited,by Edgar Pêra

Lisbon Revisitedoctober 10th, 9:30pm

Lisbon Revisited, by Edgar Pêra

POR, 2014, Color, 66 min.

QUEER CITY / CIDADE QUEER, by Danila Bustamante


October 14, 5pm

36 min

Bodies that listen, dance, resist, manifest and become visible in our contemporary city. Bodies that dance the sounds of funk music, rap, samba, voguing, waacking, among other sonic styles of contestation, resistance and struggle.  Through talks, dinners, experiences and exchanges, a city seeks to discuss how we live, work, share and survive the different LGBT + stories and realities … And how we understand all this through a queer, intersectional and non-normative lens?

The mini-documentary “Cidade Queer - Queer City”, directed by Danila Bustamante takes the name of the site-specific, one-year collective curatorial process in São Paulo, Brazil from 2016-17 by and ArtsEverywhere/Musagetes.

Permanências, Ricardo Alves Jr

PERMANENCIAS 01 co-piaSeptember 16th, 17h

34 min

“From the inside the air is heavier.”

Direção/Direction: Ricardo Alves Jr. Roteiro/Screenplay: Diego Hoefel e Ricardo Alves Jr. Produção Executiva/Executive Production: Rita Cupertino Fotografia/Photography: Tomas Perez Silva Montagem/Editing: Ernesto Gogain Som/Sound: Pablo Lamar

Brasil – 2010 – 34min - HD

Festivais: Festival de Cannes – Competição Semana da Critica (França) Janela Internacional de Cinema do Recife – Prêmio de Melhor Filme (Brasil) Festival del Nuevo Cine Latino Americano de Havana(Cuba) Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid 2011-2012/ Museu centro Pompiduo e Museo Reina Sofia Ostrava Kamera Oko (República Tcheca) FLEFF 2015 Film – Brazilian Short Films (Estados Unidos)

Ricardo Alves JrDirector and scriptwriter, was born in Belo Horizonte in 1982. He graduated from Universidad del Cine, in Buenos Aires. Ricardo’s first short film, RAW MATERIAL

(2006), received several awards in Brazil and abroad. INVITATION TO DINER WITH COMRADE STALIN ( 2007), his second short, was presented at Rotterdam IFF, Oberhausen, Karlovy Vary, and was awarded as Best Short Film at 40th Brasilia FF. His third short film, PERMANÊNCIAS ( 2010) was premiered at Cannes Critic’s Week 2011. TREMOR (2013), his last short film, was premiered at Locarno Film Festival  and won Best Director at 46th Brasilia FF. In 2013, the  Cinémathèque Française presented a retrospective of his short films.

Blue in Turquoise Jaguar, by Daniel Lima

Azul em_J_T_small

Blue in Turquoise Jaguar

by Daniel Lima

November 11th, 4pm / until January 27th

A series of images that do not respect narrative laws but are loyal to the fictional discourse of representations.

Daniel Lima is a illustrator and comic book author.

He has published works in publications such as Público, Mis Primeras 80,000 Palabras, Animalaminute, O Independente, Sunday Show, Conhecer Magazine and L’officiel by Duetto, among others.

He’s a regular participator in exhibitions of both comic books and illustration.

Daniel is currently a teacher at Ar.Co in the Illustration / Comics department.

Mucho Flow 2017


Mucho Flow 2017
Octuber 7th
CAAA, Guimarães

sega bodega
Nadia Tehran
Horse Lords
God Colony + Flohio
Dedekind Cut
Scúru Fitchádu
Filipe Sambado
Chinaskee & Os Camponeses
800 Gondomar
El Señor
Dada Garbeck
DJ Lynce


Apoio: Câmara Municipal de Guimarães
Rádio oficial: Vodafone.FM

A Performatic Conversation

post A Performatic Conversation

On the way to our presentation in October of Pigafetta, a play created by Marcos Barbosa and David Colorado, with some specific characteristics besides ots 24 hours duration we have organized this debates which are developed around the fundamental themes from our work, and are used towards the introduction, discussion and preparation to this happening.

We talk with Marta Wengoroviuos about audience involvement, and the creation of a community through tue use of word. With the help of Marcos Barbosa, we get into knowing the work of the artist, which touches some of the contents of our play, Pigafetta. The date of this “Conversation” will be announced, soon.


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Lisbon Revisited


“Lisbon Revisited”

Edgar Pêra

September 9th until November 10th

Lisbon Revisited is an photography’ exhibition and an 3D anaglyphic installation, composed by unpublished images and some frames taken from the film of the same name. The exhibition is composed by stereoscopic views of the green spaces in the city of Lisbon, frozen moments, temporary sculptures, one photo- oneiric journey, captioned by Pessoa’s words. Now in CAAA in a specially designed version for this particular space.



Diogo Tudela

September 9th until November 9th

Mechanical — Diogo Tudela

Atmospheric — Jonathan Uliel Saldanha

Speculative blending of the world-machine’s exo-structure through the scenic instantiation of a non figurative mechanical and luminescent planetary model of radial movement, displayed in a heliocentric arrangement.

Technical Support — Igor Gonçalves

Graphic Design — Tiago Carneiro

Acknowledgements: Juan Luis Toboso, Tiago Patatas, Maria Luís Neiva,

Ricardo Areias, Vanda Trindade, António Cunha

Support: CAAA Centro para Assuntos da Arte e Arquitectura
Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian


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Stereotank – Marcelo Ertorteguy and Sara Valente

postOpening June 10th, 4pm / until August 5th

Stereotank is a design studio founded by Marcelo Ertorteguy and Sara Valente, dedicated to the research and exploration of the common grounds between architecture, art and sound. The studio works as a laboratory for design and creation of architectural artifacts, immersive installations, hybrid objects and instruments often using repurposed materials and pre-fab systems. Stereotank focus is to re-invent program with existing resources, with the aim of looking at old things with a fresh eye, relying on simplicity and intuition. Understanding urban scape as the medium, one of the main interests at this scale is the activation of public space through the insertion of participatory projects that engage, entertain and educate the users.

Marcelo Ertorteguy and Sara Valente, propose a new site-specific sound installation at Largo do Trovador, in Guimarães. At CAAA gallery, there will be a retrospective exhibition about their work.

Marcelo Ertorteguy and Sara Valente graduated from the School of Architecture and Urbanism of The Universidad Central de Venezuela in 2005. After conducting a design studio about the common territories between architecture and music at the same school, they moved to New York to pursue a Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University graduating with honors in 2007. They currently live and work in Miami.


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triptychs, by Luísa Alpalhão


Opening June 10th, 4pm / until August 5th

[ triptychs ] is a series of photographic narratives of urban and rural transformation in three distinct contexts – Portugal, Okinawa (Japan) and London. Inspired by the Okinawan folk tale ‘The Golden Bird’, it depicts stories of resilience, reinvention, and demolition – three human acts that portray different approaches to spatial and social transformation. [ triptychs ] illustrates atypical beauties and functional aesthetics giving voice to the mundane, capturing what ones’ eyes tend to dismiss. It presents an alternative story of the every day, distant from what is conventionally considered to be alluring, questioning the notion of territory and spatial transformation.




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A Performatic Conversation


July 8th, 4pm

On the way to our presentation in October of Pigafetta, a play created by Marcos Barbosa and David Colorado, with some specific characteristics besides ots 24 hours duration we have organized this debates which are developed around the fundamental themes from our work, and are used towards the introduction, discussion and preparation to this happening.

The first conversation already happened on the 13th of May, with David Colorado, that from Buenos Aires, performatically talked with Marcos Barbosa, using his monologue A trip to Rome, in a n experience of manipulation of the Play, through the intervention of the audience.

On the 10th of June, Fadi Skieker and Marcos Barbosa, will talk about one of the main issues of Pigafetta, the relation with the Other, the stranger that invades our space, and the use of fiction as an answer to the crude reality that exists around us. This Talk makes the voyage of findings and losses between Syria and Portugal, a conversation with clarity and shadows, something close to theatre.

On the 8th of July it is time for the meeting between Manuel Furia and Marcos Barbosa. Manuel Furia did the music for several of Marcos Barbosa´s shows, including The Winter´s Tale and Pigafetta. It a Drama Per Musica meeting, where we go from 1525 to 1608, from Antonio Pigafetta to Shakespeare, and we change roles, read the text again and again, and rediscover the music inside the plays. Who plays what?

On the 9th we talk with Marta Wengoroviuos about audience involvement, and the creation of a community through tue use of word. With the help of Marcos Barbosa, we get into knowing the work of the artist, which touches some of the contents of our play, Pigafetta.


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Performative Conversations Cycle

postFirst Performative Conversation

Saturday May 13, 3pm
The first conversation of this cycle, functions as the preface to the rewriting of Antonio Pigafetta’s logbook.
A conversation/journey between a mexican actor, performing on a gondola in Venice, when he is really in Buenos Aires. Or will it be, in the voice of the public / director, in the CAAA, in Guimarães, Portugal?

Dialogue 1:  David Colorado (Mexico) and Marcos Barbosa (Portugal)
Mediator: Public (Portugal/Argentina)



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Westway Lab 2017 – City Showcases

IMG_5951April 8th

15:30 – OHRN

17:30 – THE  JOOLES


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Sorry, this entry is only available in PT.

Rear Window, by Alfred Hitchcock


Saturday, February 18, 5pm

Free entrance





De Natureza (A)Diversa, Analice Campos

Pintura#28, 2016, óleo, carvão e tinta sintética sobre tela, 46 x 55 cm

Opening February 25, 4pm / Until April 22

“The project (A)Diverse Nature addresses the place of the landscape, one of the oldest genres in the history of painting. It does so in the context of contemporary artistic production, namely as regards painting and drawing. Appealing to the history of painting through landscape does not mean the reactivation of a genre nor does it mirror a reviving stance. It is simply the starting point of a strategy that aims to explore the possibilities of the creation of images that are simulacrums of traditional landscape painting. Thus emerge paintings/drawings that are fragmented and lack internal continuity, and whose referential is memory. They result from a clear awareness of the potential of the actions/gestures produced in the creative process that lead to the construction/deconstruction of the image of the landscape.”

Alqueva, by Rita Catarino e Paulo Palma


Opening February 25, 4pm / Until April 22

The Alqueva dam is the biggest transformation of the Portuguese territory in a short period of time. It is a great example of the Anthropocene in Portugal. There are 250 km ² of territory along the submerged Guadiana river, which besides being a profound alteration in the identity of the Alentejo landscape, operated a new agricultural paradigm, only possible by the presence of water in a previously arid landscape.

This work has the original purpose of revisiting a territory that no longer exists, which is no longer visible, but which by its inheritance, remains present in the collective memory. The images and cartography presented are only contributions that revise and revive, bring to the surface a reality that is currently impossible to restore. It is a game between the physical and invisible absence of a territory and a new look that only tries to rescue it, or to withdraw metaphorically from the submersion imposed upon it.

Based on the pre-existent reality at the moment of the construction of the dam, the physical, ecological and cultural characteristics that affirmed the territory, this work intends to be a reflection on the importance of memory in the construction of the Landscape. What Landscape exists after the disappearance of a place?

Ciclo Biblioteca | My Pages Your Pages, by Priscilla Davanzo

IMG_8071Opening and Performance February 28, 4pm / until March 25

My Pages Your Pages


imagine a library as a body, as a person. it have it’s own personality and it’s manners; it’s lovely and detestable things. sometimes is needed to be with it, sometimes, not. sometimes even one misses it. it’s lonely introspection is a mystery. always. and this mystery challenges that the unravel. the artist proposes to conquer, find, know and approximate to this body, to this being that – even if it’s not biologically alive – pulses life in every corner. a mix between fieldwork and social contact is used to generate the methodology of the approach. this methodology have been used by the artist in the past years to reach cities, rivers, populations, buildings and public area. now the yehuda safran library is her goal. the library, resident at caaa  centro para estudos da arte e da arquitectura in guimarães, portugal, is a particular collection of the philosopher and professor yehuda safran, enthusiast of architecture, literature, history and arts in general. the collection is a particular focus that shows the ideologies and experimentations that went through yehuda safran’s life.


the installation consists of a set of artistic works that together create a unique work, but which can be presented separately, if necessary, if they take life of their own. the installation presents itself as an album of photographs of joint memories between the artist and the collection of the library, passing in some moments particularities of the honored, yehuda safran, that at no time the artist came to meet or communicate, although he’s still alive. each sector has a particular focus, yet they all permeate the concept of affinity between the artist’s personal life and the supposed life of yehuda safran, deduced from the artist’s observation and decoupage of the library. in this pattern of affinities, the artist starts with books she has in her own library – somehow “lost” beyond the sea – and which are also present in the yehuda safran collection.

Ciclo Biblioteca com Priscilla Davanzo

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