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Guimarães noc noc 4 Presentation

banner20th of June, at 9.30pm, at CAAA

INSIDE, Performance / Instalation, created by Miguel Moreira

Part of the collective event “Trees Outside the Academy”, 3pm 20th June, and  7pm 21st June . Performer at CAAA, Anja Calas

Presentation of the magazine Grisu nº 02

Grisu_Plaqueta 02(post)20th of June, at 9.30pm, at CAAA

Gary War (Sacred Bones / USA) + Big Sir (Sargent House / USA) + Equations (L&L / PT), by Revolve

revolve (post)On the 20th of June there’s party at CAAA, this time part of the collective event “Trees Outside the Academy”.


Starting at 10pm we have Equations, Gary War and Big Sir at the blackbox.


20th of June


CAAA, Guimarães

6€ pre-sale/ 8€ at the door


…AND WAKE ME UP AT SIX O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING…, Performance by Tânia Dinis

Part of the programme “Trees Outside the Academy” 21 de Junho 17:30h

Created by Tânia Dinis

text by Pedro Bastos

Artistic support by Jorge Quintela


REVERSO, Performance by Tales Frey (Cia.Excessos)

Reverso(post)Part of the programme  ”Trees Outside the Academy”

20th June at 8pm

Performance by Tales Frey (Cia.Excessos)

On June 20, 2013, I presented my first work of the series of performances that made a commitment to convert the rite of passage of my birthdays in artistic procedures that allude to what we know as memento mori.

“Reverse”, the second creation from this series, is a kind of regression to my origin; it is the reverse of the chronological sense as an alternative to refuse the inevitable death of my story. In this performance, with the help of my mother, I trigger a recall of all my birthdays through a game that takes the concept of “mirror stage” by Lacan imbued a narcissistic elucidation, until reach the 8pm of the day June 20, 1982 – In this date I blocked the first birthday party of my sister to be born, When I leaved the comfort of the womb.

TREES OUTSIDE THE ACADEMY collective practices

PostOpening 20th of June at 8pm and on the  21 of June at 2:30pm

Exhibition until the 27th of July

20th June:

8pm – Performance / Tales Frey (Cia.Excessos) / REVERSO

9:30pm – Magazine presentation “Grisu nº 02″

10pm – Music / Revolve /with Equations, Gary War and Big Sir

21st June:

3pm – Performance / Miguel Moreira (Útero) / INSIDE

5pm – Presentation of “Guimarães noc noc 4″

5:30pm – Performance / Tânia Dinis / …E ME ACORDA ÀS 6 HORAS DA MANHÃ…

7pm – Performance / Miguel Moreira (Útero) / INSIDE



-Ricardo Areias

-Maria Luís Neiva

-Eduardo Brito

-Joana Gama

-Carlos Lobo

-Tânia Diniz

-Marcos Barbosa

-Pedro Bastos


-Rodrigo Areias

-Jorge Quintela

-Ricardo Preto


-Pedro Ferreira

-Délia de Carvalho

-Isabel Ferreira Alves

-Jorge Matos


-Miguel de Oliveira

-Pedro Magalhães

-Rui Dias

-Bruno Abreu

-Marta Frade


-Miguel Moreira

-Catarina Felix


-Fabiana Wielewicki

-Guy Blissett Amado


-João Vilney

-Pedro Silva

-Pedro Pais Correia


-Tales Frey

-Paulo Aureliano da Mata



EXP# 04

Opening: June 10th 4pm / until June 18th

Master in Photography Escola das Artes da Universidade Católica do Porto – Final Exhibition

Cláudio Reis
José Ferreira
Margarida Marques
Miguel Santa


Opening: June 10th 4pm / until June 18th

Master in Photography Escola das Artes da Universidade Católica do Porto – 1st Year Exhibition

Adriana Azevedo
Cristina Neves
Hugo R. Costa
Leonor Reis
José Dinis


June 6th, 10 p.m.

By creating intense sonic textures in their composition process, El RUPE trio rediscovers themselves each concert. With a strong melodic tone, EL RUPE’s music balances between fragility and rawness.

Samuel Coelho – Guitar, electronics
Rui Sousa – Hammond
Pedro Oliveira – Drums, electronics
César Estrela –  Visual Performance

EL RUPE’s Facebook: press here.

Sermões, by Marcos Barbosa

PostMay 3rd 6pm


Contrary to appearances, this is not a show. Neither is a monologue, much less a sole piece. It is a construction, based on the presence of an actor and an audience in a conversation about the creative act of the ritual, or the theater, taking as a point of arrival, texts written by Father António Vieira



Text and Interpretation – Marcos Barbosa.
Video – Jorge Quintela.
Production – Teatro Oficina

Duration – 51′


FLOW DE MAYO music & cinema

May 9th and 17th

May 9th / Punk is not Daddy, by Edgar Pêra + The Entrance Band
May 17th / 1960, by Rodrigo Areias + Solar Corona + Killimanjaro (L&L) + Pontiak (Thrill Jockey / USA)

Ticket: 8€

1960, by Rodrigo Areias


15, 16, 19, 20, 21  May, 9:45pm

17 May, 9:00pm

18 May, 6:00pm (with the presence of the director)

1960 is a home movie in the form of a travel diary in Super 8mm. Intending, through architecture and with Fernando Tavora’s Travel Diary as its starting point, to depict the journey which the architect made in 1960.


With this film, my idea was to set off from Fernando Tavora’s notes and sketches and to revisit some of the places that the architect visited, described and illustrated on his journey in 1960. And to look at architecture in a global context.
When I first thought about the film, I saw it as being complementary to a separate fiction film, which would incorporate the super 8mm documentary. It will be a Film Noir, shot entirely in Fernando Tavora settings in Guimaraes, where a filmmaker, making a documentary in super 8mm about the architect, is murdered…
While the film continues to be delayed (as a result of the flurry of production in which we are still submerged), the documentary part of the two has been completed.
What inspired me to make this film, were the texts that Fernando Tavora wrote during his journey. The one that marked me the most, was about his visit to Taliesin and likewise the passion with which he wrote about the experience, which he himself claimed was transcendental. I wanted to bring the texts to life, but without being obvious or illustrative. Rather to revisit them with the due distance of time.

Ana Cardoso: Um dia arranjo-lhe em nome


Opening May 3rd /Until June 8th

um dia arranjo-lhe um nome (someday I’ll pick a name) consists of a series of works that emerge from a consideration of impossible love and the impossibility of love.

DARR TAH LEI: Glacial Burns


Opening May 3rd /Until June 8th

The exhibition Glacial Burns gathers pieces of three ongoing projects that observe the relationship between certain apparently contradictory aspects of geology which, in their interdependency, operate in the volumetric creation of the Earth, revealing occult characteristics that are opposed and yet similar in their morphology and texture.
The pieces exhibited, sculpture, photography and video, propose through intense audiovisual contemplation, several observation perspectives of geological phenomena such as the coexistence between two elements, water (ice) and fire, in the recreation of a post-dual perception of reality, the galvanizing exhilaration of sub-glacial eruptions in the formation of volume in the terrain and an apparent demonstration of the affinity and analogy between a recently formed landscape and a post-apocalyptic one.
Darr Tah Lei intensifies the observation of the telluric with the aim of revealing the expressivity of the Earth in its organic manifestations in a constant state of transformation.

Darr Tah Lei is a telluric artist who, based on a research on geology, seeks to aesthetically fundament the super string theory, post-duality theories and trans-humanism. Due to the uncertainty of these zones of observation she frequently falls into a certain abyss of abstraction, which drives her to establish a formal logic between chaos and order and to work with concrete and raw materials. She re-appropriates and transforms the sculptural character of raw and semi-raw natural resources, dislocating their rawness and geologic brutality to the exhibitive art spaces through installations, moving image and photography, sculpture and sound art.
She works mainly in Iceland, place with a bursting geologic potential that contributes to her research and boosts her volumetric production.
Darr Tah Lei has exhibited in Iceland, Germany, and Portugal and her films have been screened in prestigious festivals such as Festival International du Court Métrage, Clermont-Ferrand in France, In-Sonora in Madrid and FILE, Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Workshop_Stanislavski, Active Analysis Method

stanislavski150x150(registration until May 2nd)



25th of April at 18:30 pm

The Ó da Casa! Cultural Association, decided to celebrate it publishing a fanzine – a format of printed magazine unpretentious and irreverent, most common at the time.
Various guests gave their contribution and 400 prints where made, that will be presented in the afternoon of the 25th of April at the CAAA Center for Art and Architecture Affairs in Guimarães.
Keep the spirit of April alive for many more years.


naosersaraiva_grupoeditehd_150x150This project consists primarilyly in the exploration and development of a series of exercises in improvisation, experimentation and composition in creating theatrical scenes. Always bearing in mind the value of gestural expression and body language of the participants, we will teach techniques for the performer’s work in their relation to space, with the other perforerms in the setting and with the public. The Interpretation Lab – Staged Project will involve the group of participants in an original theatrical creation, which includes the work of interpretation, actor direction, and the relationship to light and sound, with the costumes and space.


The Interpretation Lab – Staged Project is a sequence of the Playwhright’s and Drama Lab, Text Adaptation and Interpretation, which took place in February 2014, in Guimarães.


Project direction: Ana Luena

With the participation of company members and creators/collaborators.

Subject: The performer as an impulse in scenic creation

Duration: May, 5 to July, 6

Sessions: Mondays and Tuesdays

Hours: 8.30 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Public presentations: July, 3-6

Target Audience: General public, from the age of 18 on.

Vacancies: 14

Venue: Rehearsal room and stage of the CAAA

Enrolment Fee: 180 € per person

Promoters: Teatro Bruto and CAAA

Partnership: Universidade do Minho – BA in Theatre Studies



Information: tlm.960 268 843

Pete Seeger: The Power of Song, from Jim Brown

Pete Seeger150x15023rd of April at 21h45

Cinema followed by a salon part of the 40 year aniversary events in Guimarães of the April Revolution: “25th of April forever”


Organization: Cineclube de Guimarães e CAAA



This documentary explores the legacy of the venerated American folk singer and political activist Pete Seeger – written and directed by Jim Brown when Seeger was almost 90 years old. Instead of telling the narrative of his life step by step, Brown uses this individual biography as a contextual lens, through which he shows us decades of American social history. To tell this story, the director crosses exclusive original interviews with Seeger’s contemporaries as Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, archive footage of Seeger in concert, and extracts from his home videos. At the same time, Brown shows to what point Seeger continuously applied for change through his music and civic act out of the stage.

The Tenants, by Sergio Bianchi

PostApril 17th, 18th, 19th at 6pm
April 22st, 22nd at 9:45pm
April 23rd at 6pm




In a poor community close to a slum in São Paulo, the hard worker Valter raises his son Diogo and his daughter Fernanda with his wife Iara in the house built by his family.
His life turns upside-down when Consuelo, who is the ex-wife of his next-door neighbor Dimas, rents her share of their house to a gang of smalltime criminals.

Year 2009
Duration 102min

Délia de Carvalho: Insomnia

postOpening: March 15th at 4pm

Until: April 27th




Faces without anchors, stripped in a place which is not theirs.

I was always interested in faces. They are the main vehicles for emotions and experiences, as singular identities. With them I look to unveil contained conflicts, blockings, absences, voids and doubts.

Here in Insomnia I portrait a generation in a kind of limbo, without knowing the path to follow.

Tânia Carvalho: Foolishness

postOpening: March 15th at 4pm

Until: April 27th

In what it is her first solo exhibition, choreographer Tânia Carvalho presents at CAAA a series of drawings: an extension of her choreographic work through the representation of imaginary places impossible to achieve with dancers.



Tânia Carvalho was born in 1976, Viana do Castelo, Portugal. She started classical dance at five years  old and contemporary dance at 14 years old.
In 1994 she moved from Viana do  Castelo to study in the Fine Arts school ESTGAD in Caldas da Rainha. In 1995 she moves to Lisbon to study in Lisbon College of Dance and in 1997 changes to the two years degree of Contemporary Dance for interpreters in Forum Dança (Lisbon). There she meeted Filipe Viegas and Clara Sena who invited her to be part of a collective about to be born called Bomba Suicida. Tânia Carvalho is co-founder of Bomba Suicida where she keeps developing her work until now. It is in 1997 that Tania Carvalho starts choreographing.
In 2005 she attended the Choreography degree in the creativity and artistic program supported by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisbon, Portugal).

She has been doing some experimente in music too, from which emerged the projects Idiolecto (2013), Moliquentos (2011), Trash Nymph (2008), and Madmud (2007). Tania Carvalho attended private music and piano lessons of piano with João Aleixo, Diogo Alvim and Youri popov.
Tania Carvalho mantains her plastic side drawing from time to time.